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Museum of Norwegian Knitting Industry

The museum of Norwegian Knitting Industry are situated in the earlier Salhus Tricotagefabrik - one of 10 technical industrial plants of cultural heritages in Norway. The knitting mill was established in 1859 and was the first modern, Norwegian knitwear plant. Underwear, socks and warm sweaters were the main goods produced here. The foundation of the mill came with the first industrializationwave in Norway, and an entire community grew up around the mill, which was in closed in 1989. The museum emphasis the development from the traditional agricultural society to an industrial. In the old mill there is still activity, and visitors can be given a guded tour and see the prosess from raw materials to finally manufacturer products.One of the old sewing rooms, “glaneloftet” has become a gallery where there is changing exhibitions.


Contact : Erik Småland