The project


What happens to a traditional craft when desire and want, and not need and moral decides the way forward?

Knitting on the agenda!

Knitting has a large, unused potential for research, impartment, art and industry.

– Knowledge and public attention can give the subject higher status.
–Knitting is a good example of coherence: the will to change, creativity, adjustment and sustainable development.
– The social aspect of knitting is meaningful beyond the subject matter.
– Knitting is a universal language
– Knitting can be a social aspect for a multicultural meeting point
– Knitting conveys culture and tradition
– Knitting conveys art and design
– Knitting can be industrial development
– Knitting can convey health, medicine and information.

The Participants for the project is central institutions within museums, education, industry, health and research in Western Norway. Here are areas that traditionally work together like art museums and culture historical museums and educational institutions and new working partners within industry, health and social services.